Digital Future is one of the most active VC companies in Ukraine. Since our launch in 2014, we have assembled a portfolio of over 20 companies with strong traction. Most of our companies develop their products and services in Ukraine, Europe, USA and Israel, while selling to international markets, including Fortune 500 companies. Digital Future is inspired by our own entrepreneurial success, following new patterns in investing with the aim to be a value added partner for our portfolio companies and help them drive strategic, operational, and financial growth. Our support comes not just in the shape of venture investments, it is also based on our entrepreneurial background and profound expertise in growing international businesses.

Key facts
deals closed
$6 M
invested during the last 1.5 years
$30 M
annual revenue earned by our portfolio companies
people work in the companies we invested in
Our Social Impact

At Digital Future, we are not only committed to supporting our companies but also to contributing to the communities we live and work in. We actively help maximize the impact of our social purpose on companies and the world and we want our social impact to be positive and lasting. Projects we support:

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