Venture Investments

Venture investments in digital economy is our passion and core business. Being the most active VC in the country, we offer our partners early access to outstanding Ukrainian talent and technology. Typically, we invest into business scaling risk, so we have to see initial traction, visionary founders with international mindset and management team capable to achieve sustainable results. We rarely invest at a pre-seed stage but when we do, we prefer the graduates of top accelerators, such as YCombinator, TechStars and Startupbootcamp.

Recent deals


  • Initial traction
  • Clear business model
  • Sizable market
  • Strong team
Advertising Technology
Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Investment stage
Early Stage

Average investment amount: $400,000

Strategic Investments

Proprietary investments is the other line of our business. Digital Future acts as a managing company and investment advisor for a group of IT outsourcing companies, aiming at capitalizing on rapidly growing outsourcing industry. Additionally, we invest in product companies that bring synergies to our businesses.

Educational & Social Activities

We invest in the future of our country by supporting educational, institutional, social and infrastructural development. We are an active member of all major Ukrainian VC and angel communities and we do our best to develop entrepreneurial spirit and execution skills. Conference hall in our office is a well known venue for hosting hackathons, workshops, startup battles, networking events, meetings with investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and all around the world.