Founding Partner

Oleksii Vitchenko

Oleksii is the founder of the firm and the main visioner behind its strategy. He is serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in building digital and e-commerce businesses. Oleksii is one of the most experienced and connected tech entrepreneurs in the country. In 2015 he was recognized as the most influential technology investor in Ukraine.

Managing Partner

Volodymyr Nesterenko

Volodymyr takes care of the firm’s portfolio management, deal structuring, investor relations and operations. He is a mature executive with 10+ years cumulative experience in strategic advisory, corporate finance and financial management. Prior to joining Digital Future, Volodymyr provided independent corporate finance consultancy for top Ukrainian industrial companies and worked as a Managing Director of a local investment company.

Chief Legal Officer

Natalia Solomakhina

Natalia makes sure that our papers are in order, she does deal structuring and counsels our portfolio companies on corporate and business matters. Natalia has significant expertise in intellectual property law, corporate law, IT and investments with over 13 years of law practice. Before joining the firm, she worked for international software development companies, as well as product companies in e-commerce, digital marketing and game development. Natalia is a member of Ukrainian Bar Association.