Digital Future, a Kyiv-based venture capital firm, provided seed financing to Splitmetrics Inc., the powerhowse behind professional Apple Search Optimization (ASO) services and SaaS products for mobile marketers: app store conversion optimization (SplitMetrics) and Apple Search Ads management (SearchAdsHQ).

SplitMetrics is an A/B testing ASO tool which allows mobile marketers to optimize their app pages, creatives and metadata for more installs, thus maxing out their presence in the App Store and Google Play. SearchAdsHQ extends capabilities of the Apple’s native solution by integrating it with mobile attribution platforms, optimizing ad campaigns towards actual in-app purchases, automated bidding and custom alerts. The products are used by top app creators like Google, Rovio, Wargaming.

The funding will be used to further develop SearchAdsHQ and ultimately – to help the company on its way of building an end-to-end solution for mobile marketing.