Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

Livestream app that allows people to go live on Facebook from their desktop.

Personal Cloud Computer

Computer in the cloud that supports various devices and is capable of running the most demanding applications.

Workforce engagement solutions

A gamified SaaS platform that drives sales, recruiting, onboarding, training, and participation in organizational activities

Content marketing platform

Calendar of content ideas that helps to create stunning social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more.

Self-service platform for event organizers

A leading SaaS platform for creating engaging, social-first apps by event planners worldwide

Marketplace for tutoring in person or via Skype

Online auction-based e-marketplace for connecting students and tutors for tutoring services and materials

Home gadget for pet owners

A device that enables pet owners to remotely entertain a pet with a laser pointer, make and share fun pictures

Automated personalized Emails

Inbound and outbound sales automation SaaS platform that puts email outreach on autopilot but still keeps it personal

AI-based app that knows what to do next

Automatically categorizes tasks, activities, and apps and matches them to specific life areas

Data-driven mobile customer acquisition solution

Mobile ad serving technology solutions for the acquisition and conversion of mobile customers

SaaS for Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

A self-service keyword and ranking research tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing

Product recommendations for E-commerce

Personalized merchandising and product recommendations for E-commerce

Mobile customer engagement platform

A mobile customer engagement platform to elevate and manage mobile customer engagement, and maintain customer relationships

Cyber Security operations platform

A predictive maintenance that enables revealing a problem before it has grown into a security incident

Cross-border E-commerce Infrastructure

SaaS technology platform enables small and medium e-commerce sellers to expand their market and to save on operational costs

Push notifications API

Cloud-based push-messaging infrastructure and delivery service that helps businesses to supplement SMS/Email messaging with Push