On 17 November Digital Future hosted SaaS Nation, the first conference for SaaS business in Ukraine. The conference was organized by the digital marketing agency Netpeak in partnership with Digital Future. The founders of SaaS companies and top investors gathered to share their knowledge, insights and learn from the experiences of colleagues and experts from other companies. There were 202 participants from Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Moldova, Belarus and the Netherlands.
52% of the conference audience was made up of business founders, 48% of the participants were C-level and B-level managers.

Presentations included a variety of case studies dedicated to product development and scaling as well as building up effective sales channels. For instance, Oleg Bilozor, CEO, and Founder of Reply.io delivered a speech on the effective lifehacks to grow SaaS business. Artem Borodatyuk from Serpstat shared his experience on creating an effective content marketing strategy suitable for SaaS companies. The participants could also find out why Oleksii Vitchenko, Founding Partner of Digital Future was attracted to SaaS business and invested in five SaaS companies.

The conference served as a great opportunity for the entire market and the industry to consolidate business founders of cloud-based companies. Consolidation of SaaS community in one place makes it possible to provide participants with valuable information exchange and useful networking within a brief period of time. The organizers believe that the event has a huge impact on the further development of technology products in Ukraine.