The upcoming Pioneers Festival is one the major event for entrepreneurship and future technologies. During May 24-25, investment team of Digital Future will join the event to significantly expand its investment footprint in Western Europe. The team is inspired by the recent results of the first AI Hackathon in Kyiv and has broad prospective on finding interesting tech ideals on a global scale.

“We aim to extensively network to find prospective partners as well as promising startups, so we already scheduled our first meetings. It is also interesting for us to look for the opportunities that can help add value to our portfolio companies. In addition, we want to verify some of our business hypothesis, so we are getting ready to meet several international AI startups. We will not be surprised if we will meet some very promising projects that hail from Ukraine”, mentions Victor Kompaneets, Investment Lead at Digital Future.

Pioneers Festival is the annual tech event where startups, investors, and innovators shape the future of technologies. This year Pioneers will get together the community of 2,500 startup founders, executives, and investors in Vienna to facilitates profound business relationships between tech innovators.