The investment syndicate, which includes the Digital Future, participated in the round “B” of the Israeli-American startup YouAppi totaling $ 13.1 million.

YouAppi is a platform to attract the mobile audience, which analyzes the patterns of user behavior with other mobile applications, based on 25 various factors.

The deal involved Hawk Ventures, Global Brain, Click Ventures, Digital Future, Emery Capital, AltAir Capital, Glilot Capital Partners, 2B Angels and Flint Capital. Moreover, the round is more than three times bigger than the previous one.

“For us, this is a big step forward. As far as we know, no local company has participated in the round “B” yet. The project lies within our field of expertise. This excellent mobile marketing tool provides the opportunity to monetize the traffic for some applications and attract users for the others. Some of our portfolio companies use YouAppi,” says the CEO of Digital Future Oleksii Vitchenko.

YouAppi technology is based on the proprietary algorithms and can attract mobile users with the expected Lifetime Value (LTV), which is the total profit of the company received from a single client for all time working with him.

Global expansion and reorganization of YouAppi are the main destinations for the funds raised in the round “B”. Before raising this round, the startup proved to be effective and relevant. YouAppi is already working with Baidu, UC Union (Alibaba Mobile Business Group), Sungy Mobile, Apus, NewBorn Town, Kika, Bandai Namco and others.

1.5 billion global mobile profiles accessing 3,500 mobile apps and sites, including The New York Times, Pandora, EA, Orbitz, Zynga, Yandex, Wayfair, and Viber are registered on this platform.