On March 11-12, Kyiv hosted the Innotech Ukraine Conference.

The Leading Investment Manager of Digital Future Viktor Kompaneyets participated in the Conference and gathered the most interesting facts:

– On the Speed Dealing tandem:

– In the Speed Dealing section, the investors have listened to the short pitches from 30 teams for three hours. Almost like the Speed Dating. J

During the Conference, Viktor has worked with Andriy Krivorchuk, the Managing Partner of Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG).

“It was an interesting tandem. We have a long and fruitful history of cooperation with CIG, we have the same approach to the things, so we understood each other without even talking,” said Viktor.

– On the Araned:

– There were only three worthy projects among those 30. Two of them were from last year, by the way.

“There was a fantastic one, though. I am following them for some time, and try to help them from our side. They have impressed Andriy too, in such a way that he agreed to help them.

It is a medical project called Araned. Araned is a medical education solution, which combines 3D printing with augmented reality. For example, you can see the 3D models of the bones in the mobile app, you can see all the tissues, nerves, vessels and other anatomical structures,” explained Viktor.

He is sure that the team is preparing a truly disruptive technology. They have reached tremendous progress, without attracting significant resources in the last year. The startup was also incubated abroad.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any suitable incubators for this project. I suppose, Araned will leave Ukraine. It has the bright future with the right approach,” said Viktor.

– On the scale of the conference:

– In general, after participating in the events like MWC in Barcelona, the scale on the Innotech Ukraine seemed so small.

“The same 3D printers, drones, robots. Everything we had last year, but on a smaller scale,” Viktor complains. The last years’ conference was bigger.