Petcube is named the first in “Smart Home” category on the Wearable Tech Show. It is the biggest and most significant event for forming partnerships and developing new business across the wearable, smart device and IoT landscape. The conference creates a perfect environment for creating a network of the leading experts and viewing the latest product demonstrations. The conference was held on March 7-8 in London. The Petcube was ranked first, it is an interactive device that allows monitoring the pets left at home remotely. At the same time, Petcube outscored competitors such as Nest thermostat and voice assistant Amazon Alexa. Among the other winners of the Wearable Tech Show are Apple Watch 2, Snapchat, Android Wear 2.0.

The Wearable Tech Show is the biggest event for wearables, augmented reality & IoT. The conference program has 7 different tracks, offering delegates a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading experts in wearable technology, view the latest product demonstrations from around the world and network with the industry.