A number of Nravo new products, which names have not been disclosed yet, will receive the funding.

“Except direct investment in our new games, Digital Future gives us an access to their knowledge and expertise. We appreciate Digital Future`s experience in marketing and operating inWestern Markets. Our overall contribution will help to create a high-quality, innovative products and hit it over the fence” – says Nravo CEO, Andrew Tabachin.

“Game market penetration – is a part of strategic plans of Digital Future to expand its presence in mobile market. Someone thinks that game development – is a risky business, but we see a great potential there. Digital Future met almost all Ukrainian game studios, and we like Nravo`s team strategy according to projects realization. Our partners keep a good perspective in gaming industry possession, which allows them to create products with an exceptional response of the audience”– said the CEO & Founder Digital Future, Oleksii Vitchenko.

The fund raising will be used for new Nravo games development, launch and promotion.

It`s a reminder that the company Nravo was founded in 2010. At the moment, it has released 22 games with about 20 million unique users.

Investment company Digital Future was founded in 2014. Oleksii Vitchenko, its founder, is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successfully realised global projects in digital and e-commerce.