A new Ukrainian investment company Digital Future was founded by an entrepreneur Oleksii Vitchenko. The company is looking for Ukrainian startups to invest in the early stages. It focuses on the projects in the field of e-commerce, digital-marketing, and mobile technologies. The company recently has announced its collaboration with Denis Dovhopolyi's accelerator GrowthUP aimed at startups market analysis, projects search, and leading them on the global market.

In the next 2-3 months, Digital Future plans to invest in 3-4 Ukrainian startups. The first deal has already been closed – a startup from Kyiv Easy Ads has received company's investment.

Usually, Digital Future invests little money – from $25,000 for 10-15% of a startup (in fact, the founder of the company is the business angel and invests his own funds). “But if there is a startup we are very interested in, we are ready to fight for it and greatly increase the amount of money”, said in the company.

Digital Future can also act as a strategic investor (buy the companies). At present moment, there are 8 Ukrainian projects under company's consideration. Startups that have received investments can use working places in the office, equipment, etc. Startup can apply for Digital Future, for example, through this form.

There are no formal conditions for the cooperation of Digital Future and Denis Dovhopolyi's accelerator, the well-known in the Ukrainian market. As Oleksii Vitchenko told: “Together with GrowthUP, we are looking for technology startups and collaborating in work with them.” The accelerator has many years' experience while the company has the investment and expertise in the field of e-commerce.