On February 25, at 18:00 CEO of Digital Future Oleksii Vitchenko will hold a free master class “A successful case of using Smart Investments in the IT business.”

This master class will provide the answers to the questions like:

  • When money, expertise, and recourses are converted into Smart-Money;
  • In what areas startups often do not have enough expertise;
  • What is the practical value of Networking and Bizdev for startups;
  • How to get the systematic approach to marketing, sales and finances.

A few things why this master class will be useful.

Oleksii will talk about the things he has faced himself, out of his experience. His experience is more than ten years in digital and e-commerce, and in the western markets, where competition is very high.

Master class will be held in Digital Future Co-working space.

Registration is required to participate. You can register here.