You may have already heard about our idea to hold the AI Hackathon in Ukraine. In just a day since the first publication, Digital Future has received dozens of messages of interest in this mega-event.

We are happy to announce that we will hold the meet-up with everyone who will be involved in the organization of the AI Hackathon on March 3.

The main event is planned for May 14-15. The date, however, is a subject to change, so please watch for more announcements on our website.

The idea of the AI Hackathon belongs to the CEO of Digital Future Oleksii Vitchenko. “First of all, this is our investment (Digital Future invested 200,000 EUR in AI-project LifeTracker).

Secondly, the desire to direct our “outsourced brains” to the technology, and make the world’s first breakthrough in AI. Thirdly, the popularity of the AI around the world. And finally, we have some of the best programmers around the world, and therefore, who, if not us, can develop the best software in AI,” Oleksii explains his idea.

Answering the question on the expectations from the AI Hackathon, Oleksii responds concisely and succinctly, “products/startups/ideas/teams.”

Everyone is invited to participate. We would like to see the representatives from the investment sphere. In addition, we are happy to say that we have already received some promising feedbacks.

“I think in terms of Ukraine a whole, not only of my company. I am sure that AI Hackathon is a big step for Ukraine towards becoming the technological country, rather than remain “the outsourcing country,” says Oleksii.

The March meet-up will cover such questions:

  • Structure of the mentoring group (at least one mentor from Digital Future);
  • The jury (at least one member of jury should be from Digital Future);
  • Rules and regulations;
  • Project selection parameters;
  • Team structure parameters;
  • Milestones;
  • Timing, terms, and conditions.

Please send your suggestions and proposal to Karina Kalina of Facebook, or by mail: [email protected].

For more information, please follow the updates on our website.