CEO of Digital Future Oleksii Vitchenko has participated in the Unexpected Conference in Lviv on February 27, 2016.

It was the second master class by Oleksii for the last week. You can find the report on the event in Kyiv here (UKR).

Smart investors, smart entrepreneurs and everyone who is interested in the IT has gathered in Lviv on February 27. “Truth to be told, the organizers have gathered the right people in the right place,” says Oleksii, “the Conference was separated in four flows: smart people, smart money, and soft skills.”

Oleksii is an entrepreneur and a practitioner to boot, so there was no theory in the master class since the theory belongs to books.

“At the Conference people were asking loads of questions on our criteria and investments. People were asking for the advice on different aspects of the life of the startup. Of course, I could not answer every question during the master class, so I stayed after the event to chat with the crowd. I am pleased with the interest in this topic. However, not everyone understands what is exactly the smart money,” says Oleksii.

According to him, it is important that such events took place not only in Kyiv but also in the “capitals of outsource” – Kharkiv and Lviv.

“Lviv is the outsource center, where the programmers are generously paid. On the other hand, this is also a problem, since the people do not have the motivation to launch the startups,” continues Oleksii.

“Nowadays, in Poland, the seed investments are estimated in billions, and half of them can be allocated as grants,” the investor complaints, “Polish entrepreneurs, unlike ours, are spoiled. Therefore, they come here knowing that we can sort everything out. Poles are trying to buy our resources and talents.”

The events like the Unexpected Conference demonstrate that there is no need to dwell on outsource. “The more of these events there will be the more interesting startups we will get. It is our social responsibility, thus, our tours around the country telling the people what can be done to launch the startup,” Oleksii summed up.