“An hour for the speech, two for the dialogue,” says Roman Gold about his master class in the co-working space of Digital Future. In addition, he said that this is a record in the ratio of the speech length to the Q&A session.

Roman was talking about Israeli startup ecosystem, approaches to investing, and peculiarities of friendship between the market players.

Israeli realities are like a dream to Ukraine, millions of investments in the early stages, an abundance of the accelerators and incubators, complex technological solutions and close cooperation with the US companies.

An example, Ukrainian startup raises $200-250k in the Round “A” and this the norm, while the Israeli norm is around a few millions. The Israeli startup Gett (the app to order a cab) attracts $300-400 million in the next round of financing.

In general, during 2015, the number of Israeli startups has increased by 1600 and now equals 6000.

Recently, Oracle has absorbed the Israeli startup Ravello for $500 million.

The total number of exits exceeded 100 last year, and the sum reached $9 billion.

The full picture of the achievements of the Israeli industry of innovations in 2015 is reflected in the infographic prepared by IT Business Week.

Can Ukraine achieve the similar results? Right now Israeli startups are more mature. It is pointless to compare the ecosystems right now the drift is too big. “Israeli startup market is full of high-quality projects to such extent, that being in the general incubator is considered immature by the investors,” said Roman in the interview to the Thinking Investor.

Ukraine can achieve the success, and “Should not limit itself to copying the ways of other states,” says Roman.

However, let us get back to the master class and say a few words about the audience. The fact that Q&A session lasted for two hours indicates that people, who gathered were ready for the constructive and professional dialogue.

It was not the first event in the sphere of investment in the IT sector for Digital Future. Oleksii Vitchenko, CEO of Digital Future held his master class a week ago, and there are many planned events for this spring.

So watch out for our announcements!