On Mach 3, we held the first Meetup dedicated to the preparation to the AI Hackathon. We would like to share a few details with you.

The Hackathon will take place on April 15-17 in the framework of the Kyiv Startup Week and will last for 48 hours.

During the AI Hackathon, we would like to see the formation of new teams and ideas with the possible investment into the best of them.

A few details:

  • The teams will be formed on site;
  • The team can be up to six people (marketers, sales people, designers, communications specialists (PR), entrepreneurs, etc.).

Of course, we are talking about the systems with the elements of the AI in Media, AdTech, E-commerce or Lifestyle.


  • Friday – Pitch of ideas (30-60 seconds for the pitch), team creation.
  • From Friday to Saturday, the team must find a way to test the idea in the target market and get an answer from the representative of the target market, for example, speak to a potential client of foreign markets (it will be a proper time for business communications in the US).
  • 12:00 Saturday – checkpoint. Here the mentors will provide the feedback.
  • 19:00 Saturday – checkpoint. Only the teams, who passed this checkpoint, will participate in the final presentation on Sunday.
  • Sunday – Help from the mentors on the preparation of the pitch.
  • 15:00 Sunday – The Final Presentation.

We understand the complexity of the implementation of the project within 48 hours and do not expect the finished product. However, the mechanisms of implementation of the product should be demonstrated during the final presentation. The fundamental question – to confirm the viability of the idea of the target market.

The jury, which will include the investors, will evaluate the projects on their potential investment attractiveness.

Anticipating the hot issues, we can say that the top prize has not yet been determined. We will also announce the composition of jury and mentors a bit later. On March 15, we will open the registration for everyone.

Still, we are open to your suggestions on organizing this event. We do welcome the sponsors!

If you have any question, please contact Karina Kalina on Facebook, or by email at [email protected].