AI Hackathon is the first, global groundbreaking event in Ukraine focused on AI software development to take place on April 15-17 in Kyiv.

Digital Future, a global, multi-stage investment company and The App Solutions, a leading software development company with offices in USA, Germany and Ukraine, announce the first AI Hackathon in Ukraine. Several AI-integrated apps and solutions will be created during 15-17 April in Kiev, as a part of Kyiv Startup Week program.

The goal of AI Hackathon is to leverage a startup approach to innovations and provide entrepreneurs and tech specialists with strategic look into the future of disruptive technologies. AI Hackathon will bring together tech-entrepreneurs to develop AI-based solutions and validate their idea efficiency in 48 hours. Building on the strong foundation created by the previous startup events, the first Ukrainian Hackathon, dedicated to AI theme will be challenging to the teams to use the innovative technologies to quickly craft AI-based software solutions.

Oleksii Vitchenko, CEO of Digital Future: “The main idea of focusing on the AI and pattern matching is because we are now at the beginning of this technology development that will have a big impact on how people interact with each other in the nearest future. A lot of young tech entrepreneurs don’t even know what they can do exactly with AI. So, this event is to let people play with the technology, involving them to think about AI and how they can apply it in everyday life. During AI Hackathon we want to see how quickly and efficiently teams can cooperate to develop different products with the possibility of further investment in the most promising ones.”

Throughout the 48 hours teams will have to develop their products, think up strategies, and find the best ways to pitch their ideas to the international judge committee. At the end of the day the teams-finalists will challenge each other in a tournament.

During the event, Digital Future together with The App Solutions will promote and advocate the need for new innovations across the startup community by presenting industry challenges, market trends and opportunties for tech enterpreneurs. AI-Hackaton is designed to enhance knowledge and enable the vital connections across the local entrepreneurial landscape.