SoftCube closed a round of $400k from notable investors, including Digital Future
Digital Future has made its latest $200k investment in SoftCube, an e-commerce solution that gathers customer data across multiple communication channels to improve shopping experience. The round includes a $200k investment from Digital Future, a venture capital company, and $200k from undisclosed private investors. Under the terms of the new deal, the investment will be used for the marketing and business development activities on the US market.

SoftCube has several years of experience in the European market, servicing the leading companies including Metro Cash&Carry. Working with more than 25 customers from many European countries, Softcube targets the USA, where more than 40% of online retailers are already using personalization services.

Oleksii Vitchenko, СЕО of Digital Future: “I have been observing SoftCube throughout the past year and almost came up with the decision to invest last summer. But back then I considered that the risk is too high and decided to put the decision on for some time. However, the level of SoftCube’s team involvement and effectiveness left its competitors far behind and I am very glad to work with SoftCube, as we both are dedicated to develop the emerging e-commerce ecosystems. I believe SoftCube will be enabling tremendous customer personalization to empower the next generation e-commerce world.”

SoftCube, founded by Oleg Lesov in 2012, provides tailored product recommendations based on customer’s interests. Softcube helps increase sales for your e-commerce shops by 15-20% allow cross-selling and up-selling. SoftCube technology is based on the unique mathematical model that can effectively use even small amount of customer data, generating recommendations for different products, including the niche products.

“I believe that our innovative e-commerce service will become the platform of choice for many North American companies to accurately gather customer data and track customer behavior. This investment will help us implement innovations to many new markets, including USA. Digital Future is one of the few companies that provide extensive expertise and visionary perspective on the development of e-commerce. That is why we very much looking forward to our cooperation, as we expect it will bring us the better understanding of the whole range of possibilities for our further development,” says Oleg Lesov, CEO of SoftCube.

Investors emphasize that the main reason to participate in the round is because SoftCube offers several outstanding innovations to the e-commerce ecosystem. The startup team is enough mature to implements all its ideas in the most efficient way to hit the leader position on the global market.

The private investors, who joined the round, are now at the stage of closing the deal and will announce their participation when the deal is closed.