Digital Future will participate in the biggest IT event in Europe – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Several conferences will take place in the framework of the Congress.

Startups from Brazilian accelerator StartupBootCamp will participate in the conference named 4YFN (Four Years From Now). Among them will be one of our portfolio project – LifeTracker. LifeTracker is the world’s first artificial intelligence designed to help plan and monitor life (you can read the interview with the creator Mikhail Nestor on Thinking Investor).

“Our fist motivation to participate at MWC is to provide the support four our portfolio company. The presence of the seed-investor on the presentation of this caliber provides a very positive impact,” says the leading investment manager of Digital Future Viktor Kompaneiets.

The second motivation is to develop the list of our contacts. An investor cannot stand still, and you need to expand the network of contacts constantly, to work with portfolio companies, to promote them on the international market, to prepare for the next round of financing, and to prepare the assets for sale. “This is a long process, you can spend years selling your company,” comments Viktor.

The third is the opportunity to evaluate the projects in regards to the trends, and, perhaps, pick up a project for investment, as an independent company or as part of a syndicate.

The fourth is to participate in specialized events for the investors. “A lot of people with the similar interests and which represent one industry will gather at the same place. There is a high probability that useful contacts will be made not only with representatives of the manufacturers (the biggest vendors of mobile devices and technologies will be present in Barcelona) but also with the market players,” predicts Viktor.

Finally, the fifth motivation is the opportunity to show yourself as the participant of this market.

There is an ambitious goal for this year – we will conquer Europe.